October 10, 2009

I would not want me as my patient. I fight illness until it pushes down on me like a giant hand, holding me under the water. I thrash my legs and arms, trying to regain my rightful control. I have been known to give in, but only in a grudging, grumbling way. I have faith that I will slip free on the other side, but it’s faith as thin as a cough, and as rasped. When pressed, I will always choose ripples over stillness.


  1. Someone once described pain for me as the gift that nobody wanted. It’s one we never want brought to the party of our lives and so we do anything to pass it off. Pain entered into and experienced, however, teaches us everything we are supposed to know. :)

  2. Kären, so true…and even just the act of slowing down taught me some valuable lessons. :-)

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