Please, today, No on Prop 8

November 4, 2008

They didn’t question who should lead when they danced. That was the best of them, their sheer equality, their balance, their joy in putting their other first. We waved maple leaf flags and ate potluck with such joy that the cicadas could not sing loud enough to properly celebrate.

This was the wedding of my dreams: Two people truly in love. Two people truly committed. What did it matter that they were among the most fabulous women I’ve ever known?


  1. beautiful!

  2. Thanks, afmayo. It’s an important day in California…

  3. This is my first time here. What a beautiful piece. So glad that I stopped in and was blessed by it.

  4. Tamikka, thanks for visiting and for your comment! I’m so sorry the proposition didn’t pass, but am hopeful that the tide will turn, eventually…

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