Less blessing, more mask

March 30, 2017

Spring arrived with such powerful perfume I could barely stand to be outside. On my pre-dawn morning walk, it felt as if the world had exploded in blossom, pollen dust shimmering in the glow of the streetlights.

Despite allergies, I tried to breath as deeply as I could, savoring the season’s brevity and beauty, but then I thought about the divisions rotting the nation, the stench of misused power, the long march we’re taking through brimstone, and suddenly it seemed as if the perfume was less blessing and more mask, covering up the odor of politics gone wrong.


  1. The horrid politics are bad. They are nothing the world has not scene. Enjoy the small blessings as calms in the storm. Otherwise, you will go mad from negativity.
    Please don’t let the condition of the world harden you to its inherent beauty. The perfume of the day is not masking the corruption, but rather the corruption is impinging on the beauty.
    Savor the beauty: that is its purpose. Abhor the corruption, yes, but allowing it to mar your perception of this beauty is letting the corruption win.
    Please don’t?

    • Seen. Not Scene.
      ::walks away shaking head at self::

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