February 10, 2008

He left his cellphone on her nightstand, which both tempted and infuriated her. When he went to the bathroom, she scrolled through his sent text messages, searching for one that made it sound like he thought last night was worthy, that he would be back for more.


  1. Genie,

    We’re never going to sleep together, of course, and we don’t even know one another, but if we ever do sleep together, I’d probably have a small amount of fear about leaving you alone with my cell phone. ;)


  2. Radium, this one is fiction, of course!

  3. Genie, Oh, I know: I noticed at the outset it was posted in “Not so true.” But it’s the thought that counts. You’re just having had the thought is enough to make me fearful ;)

    Just kidding.

  4. Radium, what can I say…I have a complicated imagination. :-)

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