Ladybug season

November 16, 2013

In this season, ladybugs rush in my sun-warmed, open window.

They’re just beetles, someone once said to me. What’s the big deal?

They’re lucky, I replied, thinking of the brush of their small feet against my hand, the mechanical clatter of their elytra against the air. They land and take off again as quickly as a surprise, as unexpectedly as a wish-come-true.

I let them in, let them wander walls and ceilings, let them alight on my computer screen. The season will change, and they’ll disappear, but for now, they are my welcome guests.

One comment

  1. I let them stay inside too. One found her way onto the cross that hangs next to my door. She stayed at the center of it all day. Warmed my heart!

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