Body in a suitcase

May 18, 2010

At lunchtime, we learned a body had been found floating in a suitcase in the Bay.

This is why I’m a vegetarian, said the receptionist, who had chosen a hummus and vegetable wrap for lunch that day—no knife required. I can be disgusted by the story, not by the story AND my lunch.

The rest of us examined the slab-like chicken breasts on our salads.

I think this is going to need more Thousand Island, said the staff accountant, who already looked a little washed out at the prospect of swallowing.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha. thanks for a belly laugh.

  2. Any time, Jen. Any time. :-)

  3. Wha? Do people really think “chicken breast” when they hear about a corpse? I think the receptionist has an overactive imagination. :D

  4. Anita, ha! I think it depends on who you ask. ;-)

  5. that’s a real goodie

  6. Thanks, Sam. :-)

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