Letter to Santa

December 20, 2007

The mailbox clanged shut. “There you go, honey,” the mother said. “Your letter’s on the way to Santa Claus.”

The knee-high girl tilted her head up so her face poked from her purple quilted hood. She slid a hand up the mailbox as if Santa Claus might be inside, might know that she was outside holding her wishes tight to her heart, even as they sat inside in their envelope.

Then she turned and toddled after her mother, peeking back every few steps, just in case she was missing any magic behind her.


  1. That’s either one SHORT girl (who’s able to reach into a mailbox too?) or one TALL mother. : – )

  2. Alanna, LOL…the little girl reached up the mailbox rather than into it, and the Mom’s the one who put the letter in. But maybe a little clarification is required! :-)

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