Holiday travel

December 24, 2008

The storms froze all of them in place—the ones in the airport sleeping in cots, the ones in the bus stations clutching their belongings, the ones who thought they were driving somewhere until their wheels turned and turned underneath them without moving them forward. They sat helplessly, waiting for a weatherman to say he could see it, see the clouds moving apart, exposing a star shining in the east. As night wore on, it became clear: they would take a star wherever they could find one.


  1. The shepherds and even the Wise Men were all considered crazy for following a star. Maybe that’s where this idea of traveling at the holidays started. It seems we’ll do just about anything to be with the ones we love even if it’s nutty. I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere by camel. Now that would be some tough travel!

  2. Kären, I don’t know…sometimes I think travel via camel would be easier than the hub-and-spoke air system!

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