December 18, 2007

“They’re all going after the unicorn,” said the man. “What do they have against unicorns?”

“I don’t know,” said his companion. “But I guess that’s why they don’t have any anymore.”


  1. […] the museum, we wandered amidst Madonnas and child, friezes and tapestries, but seemed as if we were up far too high to access the garden where we would find that […]

  2. Is the green couch still in the family or has it gone on to a new family? I can feel that green tweed on my back. I remember sleeping on it for the last few times before Granny’s funeral. I imagine our dear Granny wouldn’t have understand the world of blogging but she would be very proud of all the “changes” we have both made in our life this year.

  3. Kären, the green sofa finally went by the wayside when I moved to Iowa…it was very sad to see it go! And I think you’re right…Granny would be very, very proud of both of us. :-)

  4. I hope the new owners kept it green!

  5. Kären, I hope so too… :-)

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