Insurance policy

May 24, 2012

Whenever he couldn’t find her, he checked all the dark places. She could often be found in one or another, scribbling something into a notebook or onto a scrap of paper. The scraps drifted about her bedroom like snow, gathering in one corner, then the other, depending on how quickly she moved about the space.

Are you afraid you’ll forget something? he asked.

I write things down so there’ll be a better chance of them happening, she said. The world is so uncertain, and it’s the only insurance policy I can afford.


  1. the photographer, Diane Arbus said, paraphrasing I am sure I am…If I didn’t take these pictures, I am worried no one would see it.

    Its good to write things down, take pictures of it, talk about it. Its the only way we really can be sure we are here. xxx

  2. Agreed, Cole. Totally agreed.

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