With you

March 26, 2009

“I can’t wait to see who you end up with,” she said, and I laughed, because it was the only noise that made sense in that moment.

I laughed, because I walk every day in hope, but fear trails behind me, threatening to overtake me at any moment. Maybe, it whispers, you’ll only end up with you.


  1. wow. that just knocked the wind out of me.

  2. So the thing to do with that pesky fear that is biting at your heels as you walk is to turn around and get up really close to it and smash it. Tell that fear that you will not let it provoke you anymore. Rehearse the truth in your mind which is that you can’t actually end up with only you because you have US. Any fears you have are not the only thing trailing you we’re trailing you to. Like it or not you might chase off your fears but you will never be able to shake us.

    • I like your style, Kären — and I love that I’ll never be able to shake you. :-)

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