Vertical intensity

April 26, 2008

The blonde girl sobbed, red-faced. “My feet hurt so much,” she wailed.

The parents had miscalculated, not recognized from the short line on the trail map the vertical intensity ahead, and now they had a small daughter who could not take another step.

Their older daughter, sturdier and independent, leaned close. “It’s OK,” the older sister said. “You will be OK. You and your pretty face.”


  1. Aaahhh but whether you’re wearing flats or stilettos the climbs in life are as steep for a pretty blonde girl as they are for any girl. Different challenges with no less intensity. Blondes don’t actually have more fun.

  2. Kären, well, sometimes they have just as much fun! I mean, I’ve definitely witnessed that. But you’re absolutely right…it’s the climbs that we weren’t anticipating that often leave us the most bereft, eh?

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