Right place

May 12, 2009

I woke in a panic, fearing I’d forgotten something. There is such little room for error these days, schedules so tightly interlocking that a single misdirection scatters it all. But one message said everything was alright, and another said it was better than that. It was enough to allow for breath in between the noise of awakening. I set about my morning—coffee, breakfast, candles, music—calmer for the knowledge that, at least for now, everything was in its right place.


  1. I just love these thought/emotion laden prose poems you write. Thnak you

  2. Jeann, thank you so much for reading.

  3. That happens to me almost every time Ï wake up, but it doesn’t get better. What was the message you got that made you realize it was all right?

    I like this words ‘single misdirection scatters it all.’ that is a pretty accurate description of what I feel.

  4. Mariana, I’m going to keep the messages to myself for now and leave it to the reader to imagine.

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