No appropriate gift

March 30, 2008

She had made a habit of planning something for the day, even if he claimed not to care or, sometimes, not even to remember it.

Thus, breaking that habit was difficult. There wasn’t even anything appropriate to give—her heart was off limits, after all, back behind the barbed wire where, some days, she wished she’d kept it all along.

But she could not lie. Her nature was this: to buy a card, to see a gift that would bring a smile, to want to buy it even if the giving no longer made any sense whatsoever.


  1. I know her.

  2. Hotfessional, there are definitely days when I wish I didn’t know her.

  3. Are you reading my mind? I’ve lived this….I’m living it.

  4. Kären, you and me both, eh? That’s why we have each other. :-)

  5. does he still haunt you? did you send the card? a gift?

  6. Kelley, I sent nothing…which was exactly the right thing to do.

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