Small lesson

January 14, 2008

If the man in front of me does not stop moving around and knocking his seat into my knee, I am going to stab him with my pen nib, so help me God.

And that was how it all began: the wrestling down by the air marshals, and the horrible call to her parents and the loss of her scholarship. But, if you caught her on the right day, she would tell you the truth. She felt she had taught him a little bit of a lesson, and that made it all OK.


  1. Hi, G. On a travel-related note, here’s my shot:

    “What do you need?” the gate agent asked brusquely.
    “Boarding pass,” I said.
    “Then I need an ID.”
    “I have an ID,” I said, pulling out my wallet.
    “Then we can work this out.”
    At the same counter, the person directly to my right, being helped by another gate agent, looked over and said jokingly in reference to my gate agent, “I’m glad I didn’t get her.” My gate agent began joshing with this person, handing me the boarding pass without looking at me.

    (More than kind-of-true.)


  2. Radium, I like it — thanks for contributing!

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