Twice fifteen*

April 16, 2012

As dawn broke on my 30th birthday, I sat on a balcony chair, my belly torn apart by food poisoning, my then-boyfriend asleep in the other room, even though I’d told him how important this ritual was. The waking city below me sounded slow that Sunday summer’s day.

Sometimes twice fifteen feels like one hundred when it stumbles in. But that makes the next decade the one when we heal, become stronger than we knew we could, and finally leave the broken behind and shout out with more sure voices.

* For Dottie, at 30.


  1. Love this on so many levels. And happy birthday, Dottie! :)

  2. Amen…amen!

  3. Oh yes. xox

  4. Anita, Kären, & Tea, thank you! :-)

  5. This is wonderful. Thank you so much.

  6. Reblogged this on Well, I'm 30… and commented:
    My wonderful friend Genie wrote this for me.

  7. Dottie, you’re ever so welcome. May it be an epic decade. Happy 30!

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