Sorry, Mom

November 8, 2011

The two girls had moved to the bathroom to talk—it was the only place to escape the thump of the bass and the screaming crowd. The one with the nose ring stood closer to the sink. The one with arms that looked painted leaned against the paper towel dispenser until she pulled up one side of her pants to show her friend a new tattoo.

Oh, it was bad when I finally showed her, she said. “Why do you have a goddamn hamburger on your fucking leg?” And I said, “I’m sorry, Mom. I’m sorry.”


  1. I think your Mama said the same thing about a tiny little Genie’s lamp? I wasn’t there for that revelation thank goodness!

  2. Heh…Kären, I believe she was significantly less profane (but probably no less angry), and I did *not* apologize. ;-)

    • That’s a cute story–I don’t think I knew about your tattoo[s]? I had the feeling that you had at least one, but… ;p

      • Al_Pal, only one (so far), and it’s pretty small. But I’m happy to show it to you sometime! ;-)

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