Dead drop

June 16, 2011

Aldrich Ames grew sloppy with his chalk marks. He left so many, even the neighbors commented there must be a spy among them.

Like Ames, I took to drawing marks on mailboxes, leaving messages that the right person might find and carry with them. I am no spy, but I developed my cut-outs, ensured I could reach someone I did not get to see.

But eventually, carelessness blew covers. My phone rang with calls from strange numbers. When I answered, once, the voice at the other end asked, Who is this?


  1. I hope for a certain person soliciting spray painters that he’ll get caught. It would only take a couple little mistakes. :) Nice little story!

  2. Kären, here’s hoping for some missteps on that individual’s part that lead right to the end of THAT story. Sheesh. And thank you. This one’s been in the bank for awhile, but it’s one I really like.

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