Lucky penny

March 4, 2010

They crossed the tracks in the fog, picking their way through rails and ties, one ear always cocked for the muffled, inevitable howl of an oncoming train. He left a penny there on the far rail, and the next day, they returned to find it, smooth and flat as if ironed, resting in the gravel of the embankment.

He pressed the penny into her palm, where it burned as if it still held the heat of friction and compression. He kissed her then, and her lips had never felt so lucky.


  1. Lovely…a penny story! I found 12 yesterday but none with a kiss. I’ll just take the pennies for the time being. Love you!

  2. Kären, you and your pennies amaze me! Glad you liked the story, and yes…sometimes the pennies alone are quite enough. :-) Love you, too!

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