Monday: 100 Proof Live (and Candlelit)

December 8, 2009

It’s not often that I actually show up somewhere and read these little stories out loud. After all, in a flash, the reading’s over. Therefore, it seems appropriate that I’ll be reading them as part of “Quiet Lightning,” a new reading series kicking off Monday, December 14, at Cantina in San Francisco. Bring a dollar to donate for candles and postcards. Buy a drink. Hear some stories. Say hello.


  1. I wish I could make this as it sounds like a great/fun way to donate. :-)

  2. Gina, wish you could make it, too! Spread the word if you know others in the SF area who might be able to make it. :-)

  3. damn, i may have to lift my cantina boycott for the night.

  4. Jen, I’ll lift the boycott with you…

  5. Jen and Fatemeh, I’d be honored. :-)

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