While heart

November 10, 2009

She loved him with her while heart*. Not the whole of it, just the pieces available while she waited for the right person to come along.

It was easier that way. Her whole heart, then, didn’t break at the weight of his need, his desire. The little parts could withstand the force of it, and she could tear away from them, if necessary. She could leave them behind, float above them, observe them on the floor.

And after awhile, it ended, and her heart moved on to someone else with whom she could while away the time.


*Thanks to Dottie L. Guy for planting the seed of the phrase.


  1. this is fantastic.
    you just missed the fiction 101 contest in san diego citybeat. i was a judge and not a single one of this year’s entries was as good as this. don’t miss it next year. i don’t recall any specific residency rules. :)

  2. Aaryn, wow…thank you! I will keep an eye out for it, for sure, and yeah — if there are no residency rules, I will enter!

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