Nothing artificial

August 26, 2009

“Do you know how to cook?” he asked.

“Do I know how to cook?” I replied. “Oh, do I ever know how to cook.”

That was when the conversation ignited. Blistered and charred peppers, macaroni and cheese, cowboy breakfasts and sole meuniere.

He described the ultimate hamburger. “That’s almost dirty,” I said. I stopped facing forward and turned toward him.

“We don’t eat anything artificial in our house,” he said.

“Of course not,” I replied, already contemplating what I would make for him if given the opportunity.


  1. I remember your mac and cheese- and even though I now eat wayyy too much mac and cheese b/c of the kiddos- I’d STILL eat yours any day!

    Love this!

  2. Susan, I consider it my duty to spread mac and cheese love across the land. (And sometimes other love. It all depends…) :-)

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