November 16, 2008

Without him in the house anymore, I became unmoored. I ate non-breakfast leaning against the counter—leftover pasta and meatloaf and sautéed spinach. Ice cream. I stayed up too late and struggled to awaken in the morning.

Once, it was only my friend banging on the window of my room that roused me. She had gone from door to door, window to window, until she pounded on the glass next to my bed.

Are you OK? she asked.

I stood on the slippery porch, disheveled and sweating.


  1. i FINALLY added you to my google reader – sheesh!

    of course, i love this one. when are you going to put together a book of these? huh? huh?????

  2. Stay tuned…am actually working on an MSS that’s not taken from here…but is like it. ;-)

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