One year later

September 30, 2008

Some friends ask favors. Some friends ask for an ear. Some friends ask for the secret recipe, and some friends take that recipe but forget to ever make the dish.

But some friends ask you to take terrifying steps down a rocky path, encourage you to put words out into the world you might never have thought to leave like breadcrumbs on your way. To that friend, I say thank you, because one year later*, these breadcrumbs remind me how tasty it is to put those words where others can see them.

* Happy anniversary, 100 Proof Stories


  1. awww… Heen…. i love your tasty words. i need to spend more time here. always, i am grateful for not only our friendship, but creative kinship we’ve got. it’s a rare thing. love you!

  2. It is rare, El Gee…and I love you for it, too. Thank you…thank you.

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