Holding it

August 28, 2008

“Is it OK to hold it?” said one sister, dancing back and forth in Row 12 of the 737 as she waited for everyone to disembark.

The other sister, up a row, turned to face her sibling, shook her head.

“How long can you hold it?” asked the first sister.

The second sister looked up at the air vents above her and pursed her lips in contemplation. “I can hold it about three hours,” she said.

“I can only hold it about an hour,” the first sister said. The other passengers let her go ahead of them.


  1. I demand a rewrite! I’ve never seen over 100 words before….

    I wouldn’t drop “ahead of them” though; it might change the meaning….

  2. Matt, Word had it at 99, and WordPress had it at 97…hence the error. Give it a recount, though…I think you’ll find it’s OK now.

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