February 20, 2008

“I told my father he calls me cheeky, and my father said, ‘You better watch out. I don’t think that means what you think it means.’ And I said, ‘Of course I know what it means. He’s from South Africa. He means it in a funny way. He means that I’m sassy and combustible.’ It’s because I tease him all the time. He’s an old person, and he’s married. But he forgets that.”


  1. Hi, Genie. The last line of this is great. The two last lines–takes it in a direction that is nicely surprising. Thanks for the comment at v.s.d. I was busy putting together an art show and hadn’t much time for posting.


  2. Thanks, Joe — it’s an honor to have you swinging by my little blog. Hope the art show goes well!

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