Tastes like chicken

January 30, 2008

“What do you recommend off the appetizer list?” asked the customer.

“Well, my personal favorite is the frog’s legs,” said the waiter. “But a lot of people don’t want to be steered in that direction.”

“What do they taste like?” asked the customer.

“Well, similar to, well, chicken.”

“I’ll take the mussels,” said the customer.


  1. One of our former babysitters told me about going frog-hunting with her boyfriend and then eating the frogs’ legs. Her description made me absolutely nauseated~it’s kind of hard to do that to me just by telling me something. BUT, she did say that the frogs’ legs tasted just like chicken. My response, “Why not just eat chicken?”

  2. Jen-Ben, you are definitely one for logic! I actually like the frog-leg thing, but did not order them that night in the restaurant. I enjoyed overhearing that particular conversation, though…

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