Upon seeing a pregnant woman walking on an icy sidewalk

January 20, 2008

“I would hate having a baby in winter,” one friend said.

“That’s the problem with babies—you have to keep them all year ‘round,” said the other friend. “The solution is to have them in the tropics.”


  1. This made me smile, probably b/c I was up half the night last night with a hacking baby. A trip to the tropics might help get rid of his cold–do you think I could justify the time off from work on that basis?

  2. Good weather and bad you do have to keep those babies….I always wondered why you couldn’t actually buy a baby at one of the department stores when they advertise a baby sale??? You could skip the whole pregnancy thing and then depending on the warranty if they start acting up return them?

  3. Jen-Ben, I think you should be able to finagle something. It’s too bad your connections to upper management at your workplace can’t serve you well enough to make that a given! :-)

    Kären, I love it! Warrantied babies! OK, maybe it’s a dark idea, but with a little bit of marketing…

  4. Nice. I’ve heard that it is more comfortable to be hugely pregnant in cold weather than in hot, though. ;p

  5. Al_Pal, I’ve not been pregnant, so I can only imagine, but yeah — I bet it’s WAY more comfortable.

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